Competent Crew
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Competent Crew Sailing Courses on Sydney Harbour.  

Competent Crew sailing Lesson on sunny winter day

competent crew student course trimming the mainsail on Sydney Harbour

The Competent Crew Sailing Course builds on and reinforces the skills gained in the Introductory Sailing Course and in addition covers reefing, more knots (clove hitch, rolling hitch, sheet bend, double sheet bend), man overboard (using a lifejacket), picking up moorings; anchoring and more chartwork.  
Competent Crew Learn to Sail Course
12 hrs on the water
2 x 6hrs  10am 4pm (9am - 3pm Saturdays)
Pre-requisite Introductory or 
equivalent practical experience
$420 per person


After the Competent Crew sailing course, you are nearly ready for your first bareboat yacht charter but would really benefit from some additional practice and experience.  Four possible ways of getting this are:

bulletre-doing Introductory or Competent Crew for fun and revision for LESS THAN HALF PRICE ($100 PER PERSON PER DAY)!
bulletif you have a friend or colleague with a yacht, offer to crew for them
bulletoffer yourself as crew at any yacht club, see Racing
bullet Social Sailing
bullettake advantage of the 10% discount on charters offered to sailing school students see Sydney Private Sailing - Special Offers
bulletdoing a Pre-Charter course
bulletCome on a Sunset Sail - bring friends or family and revise the navigation marks by night

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Yacht Charters Sydney & Sailing Lessons on Catalina 32 depart from Clontarf Marina.  (between the Spit Bridge and Manly) ,
Larger yachts depart from various CBD plocations.